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Ilkley Show

Charlie was at the  Ilkley Art Show on Friday and Saturday (10th/11th August 18) demonstrating all day.

Some photos of the event below.

The Show was very well attended in spite of rain on the Friday.

Charlie was so tired after two days of demonstrating, he not only had to have wine (!) with his evening meal but also a large pudding.

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At The Publishers

In July Charlie was in a hot studio, preparing his next book for Search Press.

This is the process…..                

Charlie is painting under the hot lights (in the hot weather!)

While someone is on the computer, taking down his words to go with each picture.


At the same time, a photographer is taking step-by-step snaps.

Here is a bit of a taster!

And this one, sure to be a hit with Frank and Bert.

This book will be out next year.




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Butterfly Studio

With Patchings over, Charlie was off to take a workshop in Terling at the Butterfly Studio in Flacks Green.

He packed the car

and set off. It was really hot so the painters (and Charlie) struggled.

But they soldiered on       

and this was the result.