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Some of you may have seen Acrylic Paint Pouring on YouTube. if you haven’t, take a look. It’s fascinating and the opposite of watching paint dry! Start off here if you are interested.

This year at Patchings, Daler Rowney were showing us a new, original, product which is a pouring medium for acrylic inks. Because inks are almost pure pigment, the colours are more intense and vibrant than acrylic paints.

Here is one of the Daler Rowney bosses, showing his creations!

The work space at the back was getting more and more messy!

And here are some more examples of what can be produced.


It’s simple in some ways but can become a lot more complex and interesting as you get more proficient and push the boundaries. And it is a bit messy, so lots of protective plastic! Or better still, a dedicated “play space”!

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Charlie has recently returned from Bridlington art festival at the Spa, “Art Waves”.

On Friday, he was teaching 35 GCSE students how to paint in  watercolour. Quite a daunting task but the students (and their teachers) seemed to enjoy the morning immensely so maybe he has drawn a few more into the ranks of watercolour artists. We can’t show you the students, of course, but this is the view from the “art room”, looking out over the bay. Not a bad classroom!

On the Saturday, we had the sales stall set up and Charlie also taught an (adult) workshop.

And on Sunday it was a demonstration on the stage in the main hall, as well as judging the open art competition. Busy, busy!