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SAA Workshops

Charlie was at the SAA on Friday 31st August for a WORKSHOP. It will be available to view on the SAA website.

This is the link for more details. Click here

Here is the workspace all ready to go.

He will be doing another workshop for the SAA on Dec 6th 2018.

Look for this box at the bottom of the SAA webpage or click on the box here.

missed your favourite artist 2

August Home Workshop

The August workshop has finished. Four days of painting castles, boats and beaches. The weather was very changeable but the painters were able to paint outdoors some of the time.

The paintings were varied over the four days. These are Charlie’s versions but they were all excellent.


For the last lunch we had fish and chips (with mushy peas) from the local chippy. Delicious!!

To book your place for next year, click on this link or go to workshop page.

Butterfly Studio

With Patchings over, Charlie was off to take a workshop in Terling at the Butterfly Studio in Flacks Green.

He packed the car

and set off. It was really hot so the painters (and Charlie) struggled.

But they soldiered on       

and this was the result.