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Tips & Techniques Book OUT NOW
A new book has just been released. its called Charlie's Top Tips In Watercolours, published by Search Press is now in stock!

Buy it direct from the eshop.

RRP 9.99
Brush & Paint Packs

All 4 brushes for 34

Normally 39 for 1 1/2 inch flat wash brush 3/4 inch wash brush, no. 8 round, no.3 rigger, all for this superb low price.

All 8 paints for 48

14ml Winsor and Newton artist quality watercolours, some of these colours cost up to 8.75 per tube, you can have all of Charlie's 8 colours for this astonishingly low price.

With every purchase of the 8 colours receive a free 14 ml Mediterranean sea.

Charles Evans Sand

One of the handiest colours to have available. Good for ligthening other colours, a base wash to support other colours on toop and a good mixer for stone work, buildings, canvas sails, flesh tone. This colour knows no limits.

Charles Evans Sand 7

Watercolour Paper

A2 Gummed Watercolour Pads 19
A3 Gummed Watercolour Pads 11

Members Area Now Open

For the cost of 40 per year members will have exclusive stage by stage projects which are far more detailed than those on the existing free projects page.

These projects are going to be in watercolours and acrylics and we will be kicking off with 2 stage by stage projects followed by bi-monthly projects.

Also in the members area will be Charlie's Twitter Feed complete with photos of where he is and what he is up to.

You can purchase annual  membership on the eshop, by credit card over the phone or by cheque.

As a thank you for joining the site you will receive and tube of Charles Evans Sand valued at 7.50 free of charge!

  Members Area

Access to exclusive stage-by-stage projects

Free Charles Evans Sand on joining

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Latest Project

This time we move over to acrylics and this wonderful country house.

Updated 10th April 2017

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