River Cruise 2012 Photos  
Just got back late Saturday night from the River Boat Cruise in France. What a wonderful time was had by all. It was as it promised to be a read adventure with something new around every corner especially the handling of locks some of them were done for us, some of them we had to do ourselves, but all were great fun. The locations were stunning and it was a real pleasure to be able to moor up more or less where you wanted to.

It has to be said we also did quite a lot of drinking during various meals and sometimes for the hell of it. The group gelled well together and everyone pulled their weight on the boats. 

We had some cracking weather along the way with just 2 or 3 breezier days but when we came to a standstill and got off the boats to paint it was always warmer because we weren't on the river.

We have scheduled another one for next year, but not in the same place on different rivers this time because its certainly one well worth doing again.

These are just some of the photographs taken on various telephones. But once everyone send their photographs in, we will also put a slideshow on the news section.
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