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Members Project 1

Step 1

A fairly detailed pencil outline but certainly no shading or cross hatching just simple outline, but notice that I have pressed on quite hard with my pencil so that you can see it. Don’t press on this hard.
Image 2

Step 2

Very simply, pre wet the sky I am using my 1.5” wash brush and then go in with a fairly weak mixture of cobalt blue. Then wash and squeeze out your brush and suck out the clouds. Its fairly simple when using a big flat edge brush to go around the things like sails.

Step 3

For the water I switched to my ¾” wash brush and it’s a mixture of cobalt blue, a tiny touch of hookers green and a tiny touch of burnt sienna. Keep plenty of water into the mixture. As I got near to the boat, as you can see I started to leave a few white areas. This gives a little bit of movement to the water as if the boat were ploughing through it.

Step 4

For the sails I used my No 8 round brush and Charles Evans sand with plenty of water into it. Whilst the sand is still wet just drop in a very weak watery mix of yellow ochre and light red. This shows a little bit of texture here and there.
With my rigger brush add a mixture of raw umber and a touch of burnt sienna, paint the wooden bits at the top and bottom of the sail.

Step 5

Its seems like I’ve done a lot in the next section that’s because I have. But its all very simple.
The hull of the boat was painted using a mixture of cobalt blue with a tiny touch of light red into it. For the top of the boat, I used a tiny touch of yellow ochre into raw umber, simply blocked them in.
For the shadow here and there, I used cobalt blue , alizarin crimson and a touch of burnt sienna. You can see where I have put the shadow.
The figure can be clad in any colours you want. For the little bits of rigging I will give you 1 guess as to which brush I used….the rigger! and my black mix which of course is ultra marine blue and burnt sienna.
Now that the water is totally dry at this stage I put a little bit of shadow under the white bits I left. Using exactly the same sea mix but less water, so its stronger in colour.
With a touch of Charles Evans Sand and Yellow ochre, drop in a few tiny bits in some of the white areas in the water.