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Members Project 13

Hardwick Park – Sedgefield 

Step 1

For the first image of Hardwick Park a very simple outline drawing, easier than most.
Step 2

For this stage it is really important to have your background trees in whilst the sky is still wet. So treat it all like 1 big wash.

I used my 1.5″ wash brush and pre wet the whole area. Quickly drop into the dry some ultra marine blue, stronger at the top and bring the wash down all the way through the trees.

Wash out my brush, squeeze out and suck out a couple of clouds. I then changed to my 3/4″ wash brush and used a fairly light mix of ultra marine blue and light red in the tree areas, again whilst thing is still good and wet, strengthen the same mix and pop in a few areas here and there followed by some just light red into some of the darker areas.  Now wash out your brush well and pop in some yellow ochre followed by yellow ochre mixed with hookers green for the bottom areas.
Step 3

For the next stage the paper wasn’t totally dry but still slightly damp and I used my No 3 rigger and a mixture of ultra marine blue and light red, slightly stronger this time anjd just draw up a few tree trunks with the odd bough here and there.
Step 4

For the next stage, with my 3/4″ wash brush,. firstly stipple on yellow ochre, don’t make it too strong, followed by raw umber mixed with burnt sienna and again stippling. This lot needs to be darker than what we have put on so far but not too dark because remember its still in the distance.
Step 5

Once all the distance has dried, I used my rigger brush again and with that same mix of ultra marine blue and light red but stronger I painted in the boughs and a few twigs on the clump of trees on the right hand side. Whilst this was still slightly damp, changed to my 3/4″ wash brush and much the same as the foliage in the distance stipple on yellow ochre followed by raw umber and burnt sienna mixed keeping these colours stronger now.
Step 6

For all the big trees on the left hand side I used my No 8 round for the tree trunks and paint yellow ochre on the right hand side followed by ultra marine blue and light red, very strong, and let the colours merge together slightly giving that rounded effect to the trunks.

With the same colour mix (blue and light red) but with my rigger brush do those few twigs going out into the centre of the painting.

Now change to my 3/4″ flat wash brush and stipple on yellow ochre nice and strong, followed by raw umber and burnt sienna nice and strong, finally a few stipples of blue and light red mixed, for the darker areas underneath these trees.
Step 7

Into the water and I used my rigger brush to pull down the reflections of the trees trunks, again using ultramarine blue and light red and then just wash in a little yellow ochre followed by some weak raw umber and burnt sienna mixed using my 3/4″ wash brush. 

Importantly let all of this dry totally.
Step 8

Once you are sure its dried I use ultramarine blue with the tiniest touch of burnt sienna and lots and lots of water and glaze through the whole water areas. Wash out  my 3/4″ wash brush and suck of a few touches of light here and there on the water.

Step 9

For the path a couple of very simple brush strokes using my 3/4″ wash brush, firstly using ultramarine blue and light red, nice and weak. Horizontal strokes all the way through the path. Followed by a couple of quick touches of yellow ochre.

Again let it dry.

Step 10

Now to the grasses. Over on the right hand side I used yellow ochre first of all followed by hookers green mixed with yellow ochre and stipple this on with my 3/4″ wash brush, don’t have it too solid.

Over to the left hand side on the path, hookers green with a touch of burnt sienna making the grass slightly darker to the right hand side of the path and also flicking up here and there to give the impression of grass on the side. I used the corner of my 3/4″ wash brush and just tap on in the centre of the path in the far distance laying a little more brush on as I come further forward, so the stroke gets broader.
Step 11

The final stages are the shadow, and its the usual mix ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna. I darkened slightly to the land on the right beneath the trees, followed by a few strokes on the path getting weaker as it goes further away.

There we go, I hope you enjoyed that one. Not too complex but a very rewarding little painting.