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Winter Walk – Acrylic

Step 1

 This one is an acrylic on canvas and before I did any drawing at all I slapped my sky wash on.

Using my 1.5″ washbrush, I started off with cobalt blue and titanium white mixed, stroked downwards and adding more white as I came further down.

Now wash out my brush carefully get a big clump of white on it and daub on where I wanted the clouds to be, then I worked in the shape of the clouds with my finger.

Finally add a touch of paynes grey into the blue for a little bit of dark underneath the clouds.

Let this dry before continuing.
Step 2
Now just use a fairly hard pencil and block in the big bits that are important to see such as the path and the figure.
Step 3

Now I changed to my 1″ flat brush and with a mix of cobalt bue, a little bit of paynes grey and a tiny touch of alizarin crimson stipple on with a split brush the main block of distant woodland. I then changed to my no 3 rigger brush added a touch more paynes grey to this mix and did a few hints of tree trunks amongst this lot. Then with every more paynes grey to the mix, add a few trees coming further forward.
Step 4

Still with the same brush my 1″ brush, I used a mixture of raw umber and burnt sienna dry and stippled on for the undergrowth coming further forward, then added a touch of paynes grey to this mix for a few darker areas at the bases.
Step 5
Using my No 3 rigger brush, and this raw umber, brunt sienna and paynes grey mix add a few nearer trees coming out of the under growth and notice that some of these are coming out of the top of the painting. Dont fiddle about too much with twigs at this stage.
Step 6

Still with my No 3 rigger brush pick up a little bit of titanium white at the outer edges of some of these trees and a few strokes of white twigs coming out of the undergrowth as well.
Step 7

Now for the scary bit with my No 8 round brush I am going to be working from dark to light so with neat paynes grey bash in those big strong trees in the foreground and I also changed to my No 3 rigger brush to add a few twigs at this stage.
Step 8

Once this lot had dried I used a little bit of raw umber followed by a little bit of raw sienna here and there and worked some more colour into these big trees. Then finally went in with some fairly strong naples yellow in the tops stroking downwards. Again, let it all dry.
Step 9

Its now time for the fun bit, putting the now on the trees. I painting the snow in with just near titanium white to the left hand sides of the trees.

Dont fill them all in just leaves some trees showing through as well. Then put a fair bit of cobalt blue into the white and paint this to the right hand side of the trees so that you are giving the effect of snow in shadow.

With my rigger brush painted a few bits of snow on the trees here and there.

Step 10

Before I painting any of this that you see here, I filled the track area in with just titanium white and then let it dry. Once totally dry I used my 1″ flat brush and painted the bits of grassy areas underneath the trees and down the centre of the path. For this I started off with hookers green and raw sienna, just stipple on, then a bit of hookers green and burnt sienna, then some raw umber and burnt sienna mixed, don’t fiddle about with this too much you want a loose grassy effect as apposed to too tight. Here and there flick up a little with the brush to make grass.
Step 11

Time for the figure. To be honest you can paint him any colours you want. I prefer country colours, for his jacket I used hookers green and raw umber mixed, for his trousers just raw sienna and for his green wellies, hookers green and raw sienna mixed. The important bit is the flesh tone for this I used buff titanium with a tiny touch of alizarin crimson into it.
Step 12

Now to give this snow a touch of realism. With my 1″ flat brush firstly with a mix of cobalt blue and paynes grey fairly weak just literally daub on with a few touches of colour here and there, so you are creating the effect of shaded areas in your snow. Put a little more of this to the left hand side of the track than the right. Now with quite a lot more paynes grey into the blue go for the big shadows cast from the trees and the figure. Dont just paint them straight across think about shaping your land at this stage. Notice the way I brought it across I firstly touched the base of the tree with this mix then brought it across a little then downwards into the ditch the grass. Then up and over the clump of grasses in teh middle then across the patch again. likewise up and over the tuft of grass to the right then upwards again, shape your land, don’t keep it flat.

There we go a nice cold scene on a crisp Winters day in Acklington Woods.

Obviously all the materials used were by Daler Rowney