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Members Project 21

Borrowdale – Watercolour

Step 1

For this project we are going to use all the new limited edition colours from Daler Rowney but as usual in the first image starting off with a simple outline drawing.
Step 2
As usual, pre-wet the sky area using my 1 1/2 inch flat wash brush and drop in a fairly strong Phthalo Sapphire and wash out my brush , suck out a couple of clouds. Now add a tiny touch of Indian Red Deep to the Blue, this will give you the colour for the cloud shadow. Don’t make it too strong. Let this all dry before moving to image 3.
Step 3

Looks quite scary because this is a big area but importantly, have all the colours on whilst its still wet and to this end I used my 3/4 inch flat wash brush and pre-wet the whole area. Now pop in a weak mixture of the blue with Indian Red Deep and fill in the whole area with this. Whilst still sopping wet tap in a little Indian Red Deed, well watered, and let it spread followed by a little bit of Gold Brown, again well watered, got to work fast now as I finally added in a little bit of Hookers Green (the only one that’s not one of the new colours) mixed with Gold Brown. This is mainly in the base to the right and then a weak Transparent Orange, here and there, amongst the green. Now softly merge the colours together and let it all dry before going in with a darker mix of the Blue and Indian Red Deep to create some shadowed and darker areas amongst the hills, especially over to the left. Phew and relax, let it dry.
Step 4

Now to the big hill on the right and I used the same brush, my 3/4 inch flat, to pre-wet the whole hill again and start off by dropping in a little Gold Brown, followed by Dark Brown, followed by Transparent Orange and finally a little bit of Indian Red Deep. Now gently stroke and merge the colours together and let it dry before adding the shadows of the Blue mixed with Indian Red Deep. When you put your shadows in, start and create the shape of the hill coming diagonally downwards and don’t be afraid of casting a good and strong shadow thrown from this hill onto the previous hill that you painted. Now again, let it dry before moving onto image number 5.
Step 5

Still with the same brush, and again, pre-wetting the hill area but being especially careful around the building. Start off with the base colour of Gold Brown into the hill, then a few touches of Transparent Orange here and there and also a few hints of Hookers Green mixed with Gold Brown. Again, gently stroke together and merge the colours and once this has dried a little go on the top line of the hill with Yellow Titinate and come about 2/3 of the way down the hill with this colour. Once all of this is solidly dry I changed to my Number 8 Round Brush and filled in all the trees using various mixtures of Hookers Green and Gold Brown for the lighter greens and Hookers Green and Indian Red Deep for the darker greens and just the blue for the extremely dark areas of the trees. Now with the same brush and a very very weak blue fill in the shaded side of the buildings leaving the building white to the right hand side. For the roof the blue mixed with the tiniest touch of the Dark Brown. For that little roof to the right hand side, I used Indian Red Deep. For the windows in the building I just filled in the window shapes with a darker version of the roof colour. Relax, have a cup of tea before the next image.

Step 6

I filled in the trees to the right hand side with the same greens as the last trees but keeping them particularly dark and a few little bits of more details in the building, such as the sign, again with my blue and Indian Red Deep but this time with a touch of Dark Brown into the mix as well. Back to the now dried hill on the left and with a mixture of Indian Red Deep and Blue and my 3/4 inch flat brush make sure you have plenty of water into this mix and stroke through the whole hill quickly so as not to disturb the colour underneath, including the trees, but leaving light to the top edge of the hill where we put the Yellow Titinate. So basically, you’ve just glazed the whole lot with shadow. Now to that little bit of field to the bottom left and this was blocked in with a mixture of Hookers Green and Gold Brown and now to the next image.
Step 7

Im starting off by blocking the track in with my 3/4 inch flat brush and a mixture of Blue with a tiny touch of Indian Red Deep and lots and lots of water. Just block it in with horizontal strokes, ensuring it lays flat. Now to the dry stone wall in the distance and with my round brush I used a weak mix of Gold Brown followed by Dark Brown here and there, just stippling on the brown, don’t go into too much detail. Save the detail for this next wall, which is bashed on using firstly Gold Brown then Dark Brown, a few touches of Indian Red Deep, a few bits of Blue mixed with Indian Red Deep, a few bits of Hookers Green mixed with Gold Brown and finally a few touches of Yellow Titanate on the top areas and where you need light. Make sure all of this is bashed on whilst still wet then turn to the credit card to scrape out the stone work. And now to the final image.

Step 8

For the grasses I used my 3/4 inch wash brush and a base mix of Hookers Green mixed with Gold Brown, drop a few tiny touches of Transparent Orange here and there, a few touches of blue here and there and then generally just rough it up to give it a bit of undulation. Finally, fill in the gate and posts with a mixture of the Blue and Dark Brown and there we go, new Limited Edition Colours with the addition of Hookers Green and what a vibrant little picture this is.