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Members Project 25

Fish Quays – Watercolour

Step 1

This one is the fish quays at South Sheilds. As usual a fairly basic outline drawing, no cross hatching or messing about and making sure that the tower stands good and proud above everything else.
Step 2
For the sky in this one I used ultra marine blue plenty of water in the sky area first using my 1.5″ wash brush.

Pre wet the entire sky area and simply suck out a few clouds with a clean damp brush and let it dry.

Step 3

Once that is well and truely dried I changed to my No 8 round brush for the whole of this section. For the tower remeber anything that is white in shadow has s tinge of blue to it. So ultra marine blue thinly washed down the right hand side of the tower and also the top.

For the buildings in the background I used again ultra marine blue again but this time with a touch of burnt sienna in for the roofs. For the buildings themselves, raw umber with a touch of blue into it for the one immediately to the left of the tower and the same mix but a lot weaker for the other building.
Step 4

Quite a big section done here but all done using the same limited colours. Ultra marine blue and burnt sienna mixed to block in the sheds to the left of the tower making this mix very strong and dark. But a heck of a lot more water and a touch more blue into the same mix for the lighter tops to the tops of these buildings.

Notice that I have left a few white bits of paper showing through here or there, its easy enough to paint round areas like this when the mixes are not too wet.The same mix that I have just used for the roofs of the sheds is what I have used for the long roof of the fish quay. i changed to my 3/4″ flat wash brush and just with 1 stroke fill in the right side of the roof.

Now let this dry totally and make the same ultra marine blue and burnt sienna very strong dark mix for the underside of this roof. Again let it all dry.

For the brown area beneath the tower I used a little bit of brunt sienna mixed with raw umber, this was quite simply a couple of horizontal strokes to give the impression of some walls and buildings at the far end of the quay.
Step 5

I made a black mix of ultra  marine blue and burnt sienna and pulled down a few sticks to show the supports of the fish quay building. With this same black mix do the underside of the quayside and the impression of a couple of dark figures standing underneath the roof. I did all this with my No 8 round brush and again I have left some lighter verticals and diagonals in the underside of the quay.

At this stage I painted some of this very dark mix into the water area to show some reflections before I even paint the water.You will notice at this stage that I painted the sea in the far distance.

For this mix its ultra marine blue, tiny touch of hookers green and a little bit of burnt sienna. Put plenty of water into it and keep it weak.
Step 6

Whilst all the above is drying I switched my attention to the boats. These are fairly simple really. For the hulls I painted the nearest one with a good strong cobalt blue mix and just block it in. For the one behind, alizarin crimson. And a couple more cobalt blues for the further distant boats.

A little stroke of light red on the bottom of the boats for the anti fouling and for the cabins and top parts of the boats imagine that they are white therefore a bit of weak blue to the left hand side.
For any shadow and windows in these I have used ultra marine blue and burnt sienna mixed, practically black. For masts I used the same dark mix but used my rigger brush.
At this stage repeat the colours of the hulls into where the water is going to go. Now have a cup of tea while you wait for all that to be good and dry.
Back to that sea mix, ultra marine blue, touch of hookers green and a touch of burnt sienna, with my 3/4″ wash brush with quick bolt strokes horizontally side to side block it all in, paint through the reflections quickly so as not to disturb the paint that you have put on. Again let it all dry.
Step 7

The final stage is very simple and I used my 3/4″ wash brush for all of it. The mix was ultra marine blue with a touch of light red and lots of water. Broad horizontal strokes straight across all of the foreground towards the tower. At this stage I didn’t think about the stonework area to the right, just block the whole thing in and let it dry.

Now I switched to the shadow mix which is ultra marine blue alizarin crimson and burnt sienna, now with my no 8 round brush I drew a line just in from the right hand side this will create the stonework edge, in other words you are putting shadow in to make the lip of the stone. Now with the same colour mix and the tip of the brush draw a few lines horizontally to show each individual stone making sure that the lines get closer together as they go further away.

For the people you can use any colour you want, I used my no 8 round brush to paint them.There you go, I hope you enjoyed doing that one, there’s not too many colours to remember but quite a satisfying little composition.