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Members Project 30

Warkworth Castle

Step 1

This is a painting of Warkworth Castle, not too far from home. I’ve have done the outline drawing and for the sky wash I used cobalt blue with a tiny touch of light red mixed into it.  i pre-wet the entire sky area using my 1.5″ wash brush, popped in a little bit of yellow ochre to the bottom right hand side followed by the blue mix from the top all the way down.

Then I sucked out my clouds, put a little bit more light red into the blue for the underside of the clouds to represent shadow. Once this was entirely dried I used my No 8 round brush and pre wet the whole of the castle. At this stage don’t think about different sections of it just drop in a little bit of Charles Evans sand followed by a touch of yellow ochre at the left, a few daubs of light red here and there and a little bit of raw umber mixed with sand. Pop all the colours in and let them spread around.
Step 2

All I have done in this image is fill in the windows again with my No 8 round brush with a mixture of cobalt blue and burnt sienna nice and dark
Step 3

Now for the detail and shadow, again all of this was done with my No 8 round brush. For the few brown strips of stonework here and there on the castle I used raw umber mixed with a tiny touch of cobalt blue, the rest was shadow which was a mix of cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna. Put plenty of water into this mix and concentrate on any overhangs to put a shadow but also notice some of the diagonal shadows cast here and there cast by the taller bits. And with even more water into the mix glaze the facing walls here and there such as on the tall tower.

Step 4
Now to drop in some trees to the right hand side. For these I used my 3/4″ flat wash brush which I split and stippled on firstly with yellow ochre to the left hand sides, then hookers green mixed with  burnt sienna, then blue, just cobalt blue to the right hand side of the trees. Don’t wait for any colours to dry stipple one on top of the other.  

For the hillside of the castle I stroked over with yellow ochre first, here and there. Then hookers green mixed with yellow ochre and then a little touch of cobalt blue to the base of the hill keeping this nice and weak. Once the hill was fully dried, mix yellow ochre with Charles Evans sand and with a very strong mix hardly any water just stipple on the effect of daffodils with my No 8 round brush.
Step 5

Again with my No 8 round brush for all of these buildings to the right hand side I used cobalt blue mixed with light red for the roofs and raw umber for the buildings themselves.  For the lighter side, I added a touch of Charles Evans sand into the raw umber to the lighter side.  You will notice in between some of the buildings there is shadow, this is the same shadow mix as we used in the castle.

All the bushes and trees underneath the buildings and going up the hill were painted in exactly the same way as the last lot and using my 3/4″ split flat wash brush but get some of the colours darker now by adding a little bit more burnt sienna and a little bit more blue here and there.
Step 6

For the big house still with my no 8 round brush I used raw umber with a touch of burnt sienna for the roof but adding more water to the mix for the left hand side of the roof. This colour was repeated with the addition of cobalt blue for the darker brickwork of the building. For all the trees on that big clump on the left hand side, same process for the last trees but this time getting stronger. You will notice that I have done the river bank on this side and for this I used my 3/4″ wash brush with a littlie bit of raw umber for the bank itself keeping a straight edge where its meeting the water. Then hookers green and yellow ochre mixed for the grasses on top of it. Just here and there just while its still wet add a few touches of burnt sienna.

Step 7

Now I used my 3/4″ wash brush for all of the reflections. You don’t need to stick to precisely to everything that’s above just get the colours right, especially in the castle. For the reflection of trees, I used hookers green and burnt sienna for the lot with a touch of blue here and there but pulling the brush downwards.

Step 8

Once this was totally dried with a mix of cobalt blue and a touch of light red with loads of water, stroke through all the reflections with my 3/4″ wash brush keeping the strokes horizontal then dropping a little bit of yellow ochre to that right hand side where its yellow in the sky. Then wash my brush out, squeeze  it out  and take out a couple of strips of light here and there especially in the darker reflection areas. Don’t mess about with this, quick strokes won’t disturb your reflection too much, slow careful strokes will.

Step 9
For the bits of river bank in the middle distance on the left I popped on a little bit of Charles Evans sand followed by yellow ochre whilst its all still wet. Then sharpen the area where the bank meets the river with a touch of cobalt blue mixed with burnt sienna. Now for all of the grasses, yellow ochre mixed with hookers green getting stronger as I came further forward and flicking upwards as I get closer to the water here and there. Again in this foreground area drop in a little bit of light red and cobalt blue to darken. 

There we go job done.  Hope you enjoy this one, its a very effective little picture.