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Members Project 31

Amble Harbour Cliff House

Step 1

Its the usual outline drawing in this one. Don’t fiddle about with detail simply stick with the outline.

Notice at this point that I have put a little bit of masking fluid on the lighthouse and on the people.

Importantly let this dry before applying the skywash.
Step 2

Using my 1.5″ wash brush pre wet the whole of the sky area, a tiny touch of yellow ochre into the bottom right hand side near the house. Then ultra marine blue with a touch of burnt sienna for the rest of the sky. Quickly whilst still wet, remix the ultra marine blue and burnt sienna a bit darker, drop this into the bottom left hand side. 

Now wash out the brush, squeeze out and with a damp brush such out some clouds.
Hey presto sky done. Let it dry totally.
Step 3

I changed to my No 8 round brush. With a little bit of raw umber I filled in the base of the lighthouse. Let this dry before rubbing off the masking fluid.  Now to the left hand side of the white areas pop in a little bit of weak ultra marine blue, this is all the detail that you will need for the lighthouse and buildings.

Still with the same brush, stroke in a little bit of yellow ochre to the top of the land, followed by hookers green mixed with yellow ochre to the base of the land and let the colours merge.

Now let all of this dry thoroughly before moving to the next stage.
Step 4
Now a bit of an odd mix for the sea, but always based on the same blue as the sky. Ultra marine blue, a touch of hookers green and a touch of burnt sienna all mixed together. Using my 3/4″ flat brush simply fill in the sea area but leaving a few strips of light here and there for waves and coming inwards with this mix to start some of the rock pools.

Now wash out the brush squeeze out between the fingers and suck out a few strips of light in the middle distance of the sea.

Now for the house, I started off with the roof with a mixture of ultra marine blue and light red with my no 8 round brush simply fill it in with no messing. Once it had dried and using the same brush I pre wet the building itself with just water. To the right hand side pop in a little bit of watery yellow ochre and then for the rest of it Charles Evans Sand and let the colours run. Notice the touches of yellow ochre showing through here and there.

For the brick area on the right hand wall, this was raw umber mixed with a touch of light red. 

Let it all dry.

Step 6

Now for the detail in the building, again using my no 8 round brush and a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna, fill in the windows. A couple of blobs in each windows leaving white paper showing through in between with give you the panes.  The little chimney pot to the right is simply a stroke of light red.

Now to mix shadow which is ultramarine blue a touch of alizarin crimson and a  touch of burnt sienna, suing the same brush I first of all put the shadows in the windows which is across the top line and down the right hand side of each window.  Then shadows cast by the chimney pot on the left and underneath the roof overhangs. Notice the diagonal shadow cast by the porch onto the building. Once I finished with this colour I put a bit more water into it to make it weaker and a few daubs here and there on the walls will give it a bit more texture.
Step 7

The next stage is much the same as in the building, using the same colour mixes and notice the bits of yellow ochre showing through here and there as on the building.

Also notice at this stage that I painted around posts so that these show as white paper. Also a little bit of hookers green mixed with yellow ochre for the smidgen of grass.
Step 8

For this stage I used my 3/4″ wash brush for all of it. Firstly for the top bits of the rock a little bit of yellow ochre followed by a touch of raw umber and burnt sienna all whilst still wet. Keep this area fairly flat.

For the next bit you have to paint fairly quickly, with vertical strokes drag down yellow ochre, followed by raw umber followed by ultra marine blue and burnt sienna mixed, then with a credit card scrape out the shape of the rocks. Remember to leave a gap between each scrape that way the dark paint stays in the gaps giving your the shadow. Notice the individual rocks at the base of this cliff type edge, just a different motion in the scraping technique. Whilst all this is still wet using Charles Evans Sand drag the wet paint from the rocks diagonally downwards to create the bit of beach.

Finally with a touch of hookers green and burnt sienna mixed pop in a few strokes on the foreground rocks to give that effect of moss.

Step 9

For this stage it is much the same, same brush same colour mixes, but going around the rock pools and keeping the scraping with the card fairly horizontal to give a different shape of rock. Once I had done this with my No 8 round brush and a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna. I edged the rock pools a little to sharpen them up and make them stand out.
Step 10

Exactly the same process as before coming further forward with the rocks and the rock pools then let this dry before again using your finger to scrape the masking fluid off the people.These can any colours you like really because you are just painting clothing.

I used hookers green for the top of 1 person,  cobalt blue for the top of another and alizarin crimson for the small person, but whichever colour you use remember to reflect a little bit of that colour back into the rock pool.
Step 11
For the final stage again the same process and the same colour mixes for the bigger foreground rocks but notice that I scraped these out on a more individual basis making them more prominent and foreground, then I let them dry before using my 3/4″ flat wash brush and stippling on a strong mix of hookers green and burnt sienna. Just daub on and give that effect of moss and seaweed, but be careful not to overdo it because you will loose you rocks.

For the bit of reflection on the foreground rock pool I used a touch of raw umber with a touch of blue and just drag it downwards into the water.

For the pavement in the foreground I used my 3/4″ flat wash brush and pre wet it, the pop in ultra marine blue mixed with light red fairly weak and then a little bit of light red fairly weak on top here and there.  Once this had dried I used my No 3 rigger brush and a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna to indicate the pavements. I use the same brush and the same colour for a few ticks in the sky and then we have got some seagulls.

There we go I hope you enjoyed doing this one, happy painting until next time.