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Members Project 33

Village Scene

Step 1

In the first image I have done all the easy bits with an outline drawing making sure that the roof angles of the buildings are not too straight, a little bit of saggy gives a bit of age to a building.

For the sky wash I used my 1.5″ flat wash brush, its a very simple sky this one, French ultra marine blue all the way down to the tops of the houses, then simply wash out my brush and suck out a few clouds. Have it finished whilst it still wet.

I then changed to my No 8 round brush and dropped in some very weak yellow ochre for the distant trees, again whilst still wet hookers green mixed with yellow ochre. Then a few touches of ultra marine blue, making sure that the blue goes in behind the houses. Then with a clean damp brush just stroke all these colours together.
Step 2

Once all the background was good and dry it was straight to the houses. I pre wet them first with my No 8 round brush and filled them in with Charles Evans Sand quickly followed by a little bit of yellow ochre here and there, a few tiny touches of light red the same with raw umber and then again some blue. Again stroke the colours together with a clean damp brush making a nice stonework colour on the paper.

For the roofs I used ultra marine blue and a bit of light red which gives me a nice warm grey. Notice the little out building to the far left, I left the left hand side of it white suggesting the light is coming from the left,  and the front of it a very weak ultra marine blue.

Step 3

Time for a little bit of detail in the buildings i.e windows and door. I used ultra marine blue mixed with burnt sienna for the windows, with the tip of my No 8 round brush drop in 4 blobs for each windows, leaving a little bit of white in between each blob, this will give you the appearance of a windows frame. For the door a bit of alizarin crimson with a touch of burnt sienna into it and its a simply stroke.

Step 4
Time to finish off the buildings with the shadow. This is a mix of ultra marine blue a touch of alizarin crimson and a touch of burnt sienna. I have put a fairly hard line of this within each window and a fairly hard line where the roof meets the building. Then with a clean brush soften down the hard-line underneath the roof. Notice as well the tall building on the right cast a shadow onto the little outhouse to the right of it. The chimneys also cast a shadow onto the roof.

Once I have finished with the main shadows, I then put a lot of water into the remaining colour and put a few daubs of this onto the darker sides of each building just as a very loose wash.
Step 5

Now get a loads of trees in around the buildings. All of these were done firstly using a few touches of yellow ochre here and there to give a bit of light, followed by hookers green mixed with burnt sienna, finally a few touches of blue for some darker deeper toned areas.

Again I used my No 8 round brush for all of this and with the 1 more detailed individual tree to the left I pulled down a few boughs and trunks from the foliage with the tip of my brush using raw umber.

For the path that is going up in-between the buildings I use a mix of ultra marine blue and light red and my 3/4″ flat wash brush. I also used the same brush for the lawns either side of these buildings and a very light mix of hookers green with yellow ochre. Simply horizontal strokes to keep these flat.
Step 6

Next its time for that big clump on the right hand side. The majority of this was done with my 3/4″ flat wash brush. For the main clump behind the big tree I put some yellow ochre here and there followed by hookers green mixed with light red, then again ultra marine blue into the darker areas, especially at the base of this lot.

Whilst this was still wet, I washed out my brush and squeezed it to a sharp edge and sucked out some paint for where the tree trunks of the big tree are going to go.Let this lot dry for a while before going in with my No. 8 round brush firstly with a big of raw umber to the left hand side of the tree trunks then a black mix of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna to the right hand side.

Create a few twigs but don’t go mad with these, because obviously the tree is in full foliage. The foliage on this one was burnt sienna, hookers green and ultra marine blue.
Step 7
The wall was done was done using exactly the same process and colours as the buildings.  But notice that when I painted it I also used the same colour to draw down some reflection. The two little people to be honest you can use any colour you want. I used alizarin crimson on the top of one and cobalt blue for the top of the other. They are just little blobs, but again reflect them when you have painted them.
Step 8

The only thing I have done in this stage is the water. Once my reflections were good and solidly dried. I used the mix of ultra marine blue a tiny touch of hookers green and the same of burnt sienna and plenty of water in it. With 3/4″flast brush just horizontal strokes side to side getting it slightly lighter as it goes past the wall, then wash out my brush, squeeze it out to a sharp edge and strip out a few bits of light here and there. Water can be that simple.
Step 9
I’ve done quite a bit in this one but for the greenery either side i.e the big tree to the left and the bank to the right are all the same colour mixes, yellow ochre in first for a bit of light, and hookers green and burnt sienna mixed slightly stronger for the bank than for the tree to the left.  Then a few daubs of blue in the darker areas.

For the grasses on the bank once I get it mainly filled in I simply flicked up with the brush to create the grassy effect, once it had dried using the same brush and a mix of raw umber and yellow ochre simply fill in the path.

For the wall of the little bit of bridge that you can see I used exactly the same process and mix as the main wall at the side of the river.

For the bit of road, ultramarine blue and light red mixed.
Step 10

To finish this off, again its the shadow mix of ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and brunt sienna. Look carefully where I have put it, to the right of the bridge casting on the wall behind it, quite strong there.  Across the tiny bit of road that you can see and up the side of the wall. Also on the river bank to the right the grasses are casting a bit of shadow onto the path. These finishing touches of shadow make a big difference to a painting. Again I used my 3/4 flash brush for all of them.

There we go, a very pleasant little summer scene.