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Members Project 35

Boat Yard

Step 1

This one is my local boat yard in Amble Northumberland. As you can see from the outline drawing quite complex but not detailed in as much as its just an outline drawing.
Step 2

For the sky wash I pre wet the whole sky area and dropped in a little bit of yellow ochre to the left hand side and then a fairly weak wash of ultra marine blue. Wash out my 1.5″ wash brush, which is what I did all of this with, and suck out a couple of simple clouds. With something like this don’t make the sky too complex because there is a lot going on underneath.
Step 3

I waited for all of the sky to dry before going into the distance with my No 8 round brush, again for these background buildings and bits of junk don’t make them too strong in colour or detail as this will bring them further forward to this end I used fairly neutral colours of ultra marine blue and light red, with a little bit of yellow ochre dropped in here and there.

You can see where I have used the yellow ochre such as in the roof of the building behind the big boat.

All of the colours were put in whilst its all still wet let it run a little bit let it soften but most importantly don’t mess about.
Step 4
Now for this big building on the right hand side I painted the roof in first with a mixture of ultra marine blue and light red, fairly strong. Then once its dry pre wet the rest of the building with my No 8 round brush. Whilst its all still good and wet drop in some Charles Evans Sand followed by a little bit of yellow ochre, a littlie bit of light red and a few touches of blue, just ultra marine blue. All nice and wet let all the colours merge and mingle on the paper, notice at this stage I have painted around the old oil drum.

For the doorway I made black using ultra marine blue and burnt sienna, put a touch of raw umber into this afterwards and this will give you a nice brown for the steps.

Step 5

Now to start with some boats, again using the same black this is for the top part of the boat and the bottom part with a little bit more water added to the bottom bit using my No 8 round brush.

I also used this black mix for the very top of the cabin and down the side of the roof. Leave a gap of just light paper where the windows are going to go then paint a bit of brown for the base of the cabin using raw umber mixed with blue. 

Then I went back to the windows again with ultra marine blue and burnt sienna mixed to paint in the panes. I let all of this dry whilst I painted the middle part of the boat (the light bit) using Charles Evans Sand with a touch of yellow ochre into it.

Whilst all of this was drying I went to the bit of boats you can see sticking out the side of the building. Cobalt blue on the top, light red on the bottom and leave the middle white.

By this time the other boat has dried so I used my shadow mix of ultra marine blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna and its really quite clear where I have put the shadow on this boat, down the right hand side the went back to the boat sticking out from behind the shed and put some shadows on the white.

Step 6

Again with my No 8 round brush I moved to the next boat. You can see the colour very clearly on this. Black to the top and middle, a little bit more water into the black for that middle section, as you can see this is weaker, then again leave a little bit of white before going back to the black for that sharp line slightly above where I put the light red.

The inside of this boat is cobalt blue mixed with a tiny touch of hookers green. Then at the same time go to the ladders and the support props and for all of these I used varying tones of raw umber mixed with burnt sienna. The ones to the right hand side of the boats are darker and the couple that are to the left hand side are lighter (more water in them).

With my rigger brush and a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna I put a dark line down the right hand side of some of the masts and poles. For the ground underneath all of this I went to my 3/4″ flat brush and a weak mixture of Charles Evans Sand and a few touches of yellow ochre here and there. Once all of this had dried I went back to the same shadow mix as before and some good strong shadow to the right hand side of this latest boat, notice especially the strong shadow underneath the top lip of the boat and underneath the boat dragging out to the right hand side.

Step 7

Now to the big boat. The base washes on this, the red bits on the hull were alizarin crimson mixed with light red. For the red of the rolled sails, just alizarin crimson. Then a tiny bit of ultra marine blue mixed with alizarin crimson to the right hand side here and there within the sales just to give a little bit of texture. For the base of the boat including the keel I used Charles Evans Sand with a touch of ultra marine blue into it, a nice light grey colour. All of this was done with my no 8 round brush and then notice the little bit of light I sucked out of the red to the left hand side of the boat with a clean damp brush.
Step 8

Now for the detail on this boat and shadow. I used my no 3 rigger again for the rigging and down the right hand side of the masts and underneath the rails all with a mixturee of ultra marine blue and light red. The windows were again painted with ultra marine marine blue and burnt sienna weak, then it was to shadow throughout the entire boat, again the usual shadow mix.  Notice especially strong shadow underneath top lip of the boat, within the windows and a nice strong curve at the base of the hull to give its shape. Notice how I have dappled the shadow to the right hand side of the hull to indicate a little bit of reflected light.

Step 9

Getting close to finishing now, a few props holding up this boat and I used my no 8 round again with blue into it, make some stronger and some lighter, then with my 3/4″ flat wash brush the foreground bit of ground again with Charles Evans Sand, a few tiny strokes of yellow ochre and the same with light red and a few tiny touches of blue here and there, all whilst it is still wet.

At this stage notice how I have painted in the oil drum with a mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.
Step 10

Final stage is to put in some good strong shadows on the ground, this is where there insignificant oil drum comes into play, look how it cast a shadow onto the wall of the building. Also a couple of important bits of shadow are the shadows of the props supporting the boat curving around the boat to give shape. Also that strong invented shadow in the bottom left hand corner of maybe a boat out of shot.

Hope you have enjoyed that one, seems a little complex but doing it in these stages should hopefully make it easier for you.