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Members Project 9

St Marks Square – Venice

Step 1

St Marks Square Venice. From this image you will gather its a fairly intricate outline drawing but still no shading with pencils.
Step 2

For my skywash I used my 1.5″ flat wash brush and pre wet the entire area first and dropped in some cobalt blue in the top and some very weak yellow ochre in the bottom area. Wash out my brush, squeeze out and suck out a few clouds.
Step 3

There is a little bit of detail in the distance and for this I used my No 8 round brush and a mixture of raw umber and yellow ochre rembering that this is far distance so keep the mix very weak. Paint over the majority of the buildings with this mix and then the taller tower, I used raw umber mixed with burnt sienna but then for the top of it just burnt sienna.
Step 4

For this big building on the right hand side, I firstly washed in the whole roof areas with burnt sienna very very weak followed by again yellow ochre very weak with my No 8 round brush and its just very simple filling in.
Step 5

For the top spiky bits of this building I used my yellow ochre a little bit stronger and then all the rst of the detail was painted using my shadow mix, which of course is cobalt blue mixed with a little bit of alizarin crimson and a little bit of burnt sienna, for all of this I used my No 8 round  brush. Pay special attention to keep the shadow darker in the arch ways and the larger window.
Step 6

Its seems like a lot has been done on this, but believe it or not these are just very simple washes. Again with my No 8 round brush I pre wet the whole area on this building and then went in with weak yellow ochre colouring in the whole of the building.  Whilst its still wet I popped in a little bit of well watered light red and you can see quite clearly where I have put this, followed by a little bit of my shadow mix in the bottom archway. By the time I had done all this the pre wet had dried slightly so I put a little bit of raw umber into my yellow ochre and painted in the spires sitting slightly backwards.
Step 7

Now all these squiggly bits and the indication of pillars within the archways was done with a well watered raw umber with a tiny touch of cobalt blue mixed in. I used my No 8 round brush apart from the criss-cross bits on the top archway and for this I used my No 3 rigger brush. Notice the fancy filigree type work on the top archways this I literally just squiggled my No 3 rigger around again with the raw umber mix to give the indication of fancy stonework.
Step 8
For the black doorway I mixed ultramarine blue and burnt sienna to make a good strong black but then put lots of water into it and fill in the entire doorway, then leave it to dry.  In the meantime I put the shadow on the rest of the building, the shadow mix again is cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna.  You can see what a difference all this makes to the building. But also looking at the last image you can see very clearly where I have put all the shadow. And this building has genuinely been finished with this one colour. And now go back to the doorway again make the black with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna and do a diagonal stroke from the top left to the bottom right and then fill in above the line and you can see how this makes it look like you are looking inside the door.
Step 9

Now to the pillars. For the main part of the pillars I used raw umber with a little bit of light red in. For this I used my No 8 round brush. Now for the bottom area hookers green and a touch of burnt sienna and a touch of cobalt blue. Once this mix had dried I put the same mix on top to indicate a few squiggly bits.

Again once the brown had dried on the top part of the pillars go over with the same colour slightly darker to the left hand side.
Step 10

For the floor I used my 3/4″ wash brush and firstly pre wet the entire area. Then drop in yellow ochre mixed with raw umber followed by a little bit of light red all whilst its still wet. Then wash out and squeeze out my brush and suck out a little bit of paint in lines here and there and again you can quite clearly see where I have done this.
Step 11

You can make the people any colour you wish. I’ve used a little bit of hookers green mixed with yellow ochre, another is just yellow ochre , another alizarin crimson etc. Just make sure you make all the people in the distance a lot weaker than those in the foreground.  The pigeons where a touch of cobalt blue with a little bit of light red. All of this I did with my No 8 round brush apart from the steps at the base of the columns, for this I used my 3/4″ wash brush a very simple stroke straight across using raw umber nice and weak, keeping it slightly darker to the left hand side. Notice I have left a little bit of light in between each stroke which indicates the top of the step.
Step 12

Finally add your shadows, the normal mix of cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna and with my 3/4″ wash brush, look carefully where I have put all this but also think to yourself what is going to cast a shadow. Then finally add a little bit of invented shadow from something out of shot to the right hand side.  And voila… a very complex picture.