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Project 1 – Sailing Boat – Watercolour

To kick off the tuition for the members page our first one is a very simple scene. Not to taxing even for someone who is a very beginner.

Its in watercolours and we will be using the standard set of Charles Evans brushes, 1.5″ wash brush, 3/4″ wash brush, No 8 round and No 3 rigger.

Project 2 – Venetian Scene 1 – Watercolour

For this Venetian scene its got to be said I’m probably going to push you the hardest I ever will. its another watercolour project which is really quite detailed. With a beautiful sense of light and dark with bold rich colours. The usual brushes with just the eight colours that I use plus the Charles Evans Sand

So take a deep breath and plunge into this beautiful painting.

Project 3 – Camels in the Desert – Acrylics

Camels in the Dessert, this is fairly vibrant and very striking Acrylic on canvas.

Remember when using acrylics, unless I say so in the writing in the project, don’t put too much water into mixes, keep the paint fairly strong almost to the thickness of oil.



Project 4 – Lindisfarne Castle – Watercolours

A classic Northumberland image of Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. This one is not as complicated as you might first think.



Project 5 – Rialto Bridge, Venice – Watercolours

The Rialto Bridge, Venice, possibly one of the most painted bridges in Europe.

This project is a real challenge.


Project 6 – Scottish Red Deer – Aryclis

This is a iconic Scottish scene, one which will test you and your abilities with your acrylics, but all the hard work is very rewarding once you finish.


Project 7 – Wallington Hall – Watercolour

This is lovely watercolour painting of Wallington Hall in Northumberland, but its not as complex as you first might think.


Project 8 – Venice 2 – Watercolour

Again another Venetian scene this time a little bit more complicated but just as rewarding. This one is 12 beautiful step by step images for you to follow, I hope you enjoy it as this one is a real beauty. 




Project 9 – Venice St Mark’s Square – Watercolour

A rather complex painting for the members this time. But follow closely and it is very achievable and also very rewarding.



Project 10 – Venice

Another very complex Venice painting with slightly different colour mixes to the previous Venice projects. Challenging but worth the effort in the long run.  Enjoy.



Project 11 – Winter Shoot

Here is a lovely scene of the River Coquet which is literally only about 3 fields away from my house here in Northumberland. Its a fairly big canvas using acrylics.



Project 12  – Stately Home – Watercolour

This one was a particularly difficult one because half of the house is no longer standing. I had to reconstruct it using old black and white photographs and drawings of how it used to be.

I hope you enjoy this one, its worth spending a bit of time over this.


Project 13 – Hardwick Park – Sedgefield

Hardwick Park near Sedgefield and very tranquil little park.



Project 14 – The Highlands – Acrylic

A great scene from near Fort Augustus in The Highlands of Scotland.




Project 15 – Dunstanburgh Castle – Watercolour

A classic Northumberland Coastline castle.


Project 16 – Dunstanburgh Beach – Watercolour

Another view of Dunstanburgh castle, this time however it has a completely different view, feel and atmosphere to the painting with a lovely big open beach.



Project 17 – Howick – Watercolour

This one is a cottage on the coast at Howick in Northumberland.  We started with the line drawing as usual.



Project 18 – French Village – Watercolour

This is a beautiful little French Village done from a photograph I took last year.




Project 19 – Cramlington Village – Watercolour

A lovely watercolour painting of the view towards the Church in Cramlington village.




Project 20 – Winter Walk – Acrylic

This is a beautiful little French Village done from a photograph I took last year.




Project 21 – Borrowdale – Watercolour

For this project we are going to use all the new limited edition colours from Daler Rowney but as usual in the first image starting off with a simple outline drawing.


Project 22 – Spanish Scene – Watercolour

This is a scene that I did in Spain last year. In 39°c temperatures out on location. The paint was dry before I had even mixed it.



Project 23 – Chillingham Caslte – Watercolour

This months project is the wonderful Chillingham Castle, Northumberland. Painting on location during one of our painting holidays. It looks complex but don’t be put off by this one, it may look complex but believe me the most difficult part on this one is the drawing.




Project 24 – Welsh Country Lane – Watercolour

A wonderful painting of a Welsh country lane, all painted from a photograph.




Project 25 – Fish Quay – Watercolour

The infamous South Sheilds Fish Quay



Project 26 – Montecatini Alto – Watercolour


One of our Italian holiday stop offs, Montecatini Alto, a fabulous village in the sky.


Project 27 – Druridge Bay- Watercolour

A fabulous scene from my local beach, Druridge Bay. Done in watercolour on a beautiful May evening.



Project 28 – Old Cottages- Watercolour

A lovely classic English Village scene is our next project, challenging but rewarding.



Project 29 – North East Coast
The North East Coast is truly spectacular, this project looks at a beach near Durham. A very simply but immensely effective painting.


Project 30 – Warkworth Castle

This is wonderful local castle, only 3 miles north of the office. It looks complicated but when broken down into stages its quite straight forward.

Project 31 – Amble Harbour Cliff House

An iconic view in Amble, the wonderful cliff house which looks down onto the North Sea just south of the harbour.

Project 32 – Cheviot View

One of my favourite view of The Cheviots. 


Project 33 – Little Village

A lovely little summer village scene



Project 34 – French Chateaux

Back to France for this next project.


Project 35 – The Boat Yard

Project 36 – Coquet Island




Project 37 – Country House



Project 38 – Country Farm House


Project 39 -The Lakes District (Acrylic)

Project 40 – The Old Barn

Project 41 – French Boat on Location


Project 42 – Scottish Hills
Project 40 – The Old Barn


 Project 43 – Sailing



Project 44 – Sunset at Druridge Bay

Project 45 – Whistable Harbour in Watercolour

Project 46 – Boat in Amble Harbour in Watercolour


Project 47 – Honfluer in Acrylic