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Members Project 17

Howick – Watercolour

Step 1

Firstly can I apologise for being ate with this project as I haven’t been at home to do one. But this one is a cottage on the coast at  Howick in Northumberland.  We started with the line drawing as usual.
Step 2

For the sky wash I use my 1.5″ wash brush and firstly pre wet the whole sky area. Then put in a little bit of yellow ochre followed by a touch of raw umber and a little bit of light red. For my blue use ultra marine let all the colours merge and mingle then suck out a few clouds.
Step 3

Let all of this dry firstly then with my 3/4″ wash brush, firstly drop in a fairly weak yellow ochre followed by again weak burnt sienna and finally hookers green and yellow ochre mixed. Smooth them together a little bit and let this lot dry.
Step 4

For the rocky bits, again with my 3/4″ wash brush, I used a very watery yellow ochre followed by the same in raw umber and finally ultramarine blue with a touch of burnt sienna mixed in. Just give this a minute or so to settle.  Before going in with my credit card and scraping out the shape of the rocks.  Again let this dry.
Step 5

To give the impression of a few bushes and trees on this cliff top area I used my No 8 round brush and a mixture of hookers green yellow ochre and ultramarine blue, although this looks fairly dark there is plenty of water in it.  just do a few lumps bumps here and there, just to give the impression of trees, don’t start fiddling about for too long.
Step 6
The final stages of that headland area is to drop in the shadows with a mixture of ultramarine blue alizarin crimson and burnt sienna and using my no 8 round brush, I think it is fairly obvious where I put all the shadow blue the main part is where the grass meets the rock.
Step 7

To the house. And again with my No 8 round brush this is a very simple process with raw umber to the darker side and just yellow ochre to the left hand lighter side and once dried fill in the roof with a mixture of ultra marine blue and light red. It is important to let the building dry before stating on the roof so that the roof doesn’t bleed into the stone. To indicate the windows on the left hand side of the building this was again ultra marine blue and light red but just a bit stronger.
Step 8
A very simple stage this one which is just to put the shadow in the building the same shadow mix and the same brush and you can see very clearly where I have put it.

Step 9

Now for the rocky outcrop that the building is standing on. These are exactly the same colours and process that we used for the more distant bigger headland. But just everything is getting a few shades darker and stronger.
Step 10

These two little clumps of rocks standing further forward are again just like the others but notice how I’ve kept the left hand side that much lighter with just yellow ochre so as to make these stand further forward. The shadow again is the same mix but on these two little clumps in the foreground not really much shadow to the left hand side, more to the right hand side. But also notice how I have darkened the rock behind them with the shadow as to make these two and out more prominently
Step 11

Penultimate stage is to put the first wash on the water for this I have used a mixture of ultra marine blue a touch of hookers green and a touch of burnt sienna. I use my 3/4″ wash brush for this. And its really important to leave plenty of white bits here and there. You can see very clearly where I have left them in this image. Let this dry thoroughly.
Step 12

The same mixes for your original sea wash, but a little less water and make it slightly darker, and put the shadow underneath some of the white areas to indicate the turn of the wave. Then also a few touches to show a little bit of movement in the foreground part of the water.

And there we go quite a complex one this but I’m you agree a very effective one.