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Welcome to Charlie’s Website. Here you can find details of past and present activity, paintings, sold and unsold, as well as holidays, workshops and the e-shop. Just follow the links or the menus.

“Watercolour Rescue” is now available in the shop. This book aims to correct common painting mistakes and answer the many questions Charlie has been asked over the years. An invaluable aid for all new and experienced artists.


 Charlie’s two “how to” and “how not to” books available together for £15 (Pocket Book and Watercolour Rescue).

Everything you need to start painting, or top-up your supplies, is available in the e-shop. Click here to go straight to the shop.

Now in the shop are 5 downloadable videos, £5 each or all 5 for £20. When you order, you will be sent a link which you can use as many times as you like. Some of Charlie’s older videos are also available from the Simply range.

Also available is the book –  “Painting with System 3” –  featuring Daler Rowney acrylic paints and inks.


Thank goodness for dogs, as many people will attest, as they live their uncomplicated life asking only for food, walks and cuddles. And toast of course!

Frank and Bert say hello to their fans.

They have decided they like toast and can often be seen on Twitter having toast.

Watch the video


Toast time!

And this is beach time!!