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French Holiday Sep 19

In September, Charlie was in France at the Chateau de Quesmy. Contrary to the rather depressing weather forecasts, the weather was sunny and warm, perfect for painting outdoors. The group arrived on Sunday and the first day’s painting on Monday was in the grounds of the Chateau.
Plenty of scope there!
Tuesday saw them heading to a local canal and painting boats.
This is Charlie’s version.
There was, of course, the obligatory visit to a local hostelry!
On Wednesday, it was off to Pierrefond to paint another chateau or was it a castle?
On the last day of painting, the group  painted a church just outside the chateau grounds, But there was some sad news – Charlie’s trusty boots, which he has had for years, have died! The sole of one boot finally dropped off. RIP Boots. Charlie says “After 20 years, and making over 200 tv programs in them, my walking boots have finally given up!!!”
Anyway……… on with the church…………
………… and it’s finished!