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Painting Holiday at Hackness Grange

News September 2022

Its been a really busy year, as ever. I’ve recently just finished a holiday in Hackness Grange which is on the moors / dales near Scarborough. On the first day the weather was a bit dodgy so we painted in doors in the splendid inclement weather room, we painted from a photograph that I took which was only half a mile from the hotel.

The rest of the days, we had fabulous weather. We were able to paint outdoors everyday, not bad for this time of year. 


One of the days, they even closed the road for us (not really) but the road through the village was closed and they let us through, which meant we could setup easels in the middle of the road practically. 


On the last day we stayed in the grounds of the hotel which are just fabulous, I decided to pick just about the most difficult angle of the building. This with me is Sam who’s a bishop in Labrador, Canada, he came all the way just for the painting holiday. He took the photograph and Im sure he’s photoshopped me.