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2021 French Painting Holiday

Well, Charlie is never daunted by a challenge and this time it was a trip to France with some painters in September of 2021. Going out involved a ferry trip but with the added complication of proof of two Covid jabs and a declaration that, no, they didn’t have rampant the Covid infection.

       On the ferry, at last!

In the Club class lounge, free champagne.

Once there, the Chateau was as welcoming as ever.

  The view from Charlie’s room.

The sun shone (too much for Charlie, being a gingger!) and the art flowed almost as much as the wine.


The first day’s painting, just outside the Chateau’s gate.

Obligatory drinks stop.

On another day, they painted in Pierrefonds.

There was a visit to a local canal with a very handy bar with a covered terrace nearby.

                 Well, they had to shelter somewhere from the sun!

Final painting day was again back in the grounds of the Chateau. Rather fast painting required before going off for Covid testing. They had already completed their Passenger Locator Forms the evening before. Crucially, this had to be completed BEFORE they stared on the wine (and delicious food).

After that it was plain sailing back to Blighty. Till next year.