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Out of Lockdown in Orford, Suffolk

More by good luck than good judgement, the first painting holiday was booked for 17th May 2021.


The venue was the Crown and Castle in the pretty village of Orford.

As you can just see, on the right, the chalet-type rooms each had an outside veranda. Very handy to paint under if it was a bit damp outside. There was an indoor room for proper rain! The weather was mixed but the hotel was lovely and the views were spectacular for painting without having to move far.

On the first day, the painters had a go at a boat from the little quayside next to the village.


Then there was a choice between a castle 

and a church

So they painted them both. On the last day it was a view of the village.

Everyone enjoyed their week painting and praised the hospitality and beauty of the venue.