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Members Project 4

Lindisfarne Castle Holy Island

Step 1

The drawing on this 1 is not to complex, but notice I paid special importance to the boat as this take up a very prominent position in the painting.  For the sky in this 1 I have used my 1.5″ wash bursh and put a little bit of yellow ochre in the pre wet sky area, but just at the bottom of the sky. Then  cobalt blue from the top all the way through. Then washed out my large wash brush and suck out some clouds. At the base of the clouds I have popped in a weak mixture of cobalt blue and light red for cloud shadow.

Step 2

In the next image it seems like I’ve done a lot. But actually there are very few colours.

For the distant coastline its just a tiny little slither of land and I used cobalt blue mixed with the tiniest pinhead of alizarin crimson, nice and weak and painted it in with my No 8 round brush.

With My no 8 round brush I firstly painted in the castle with yellow ochre to the right of the castle and then a little bit of raw umber to the left whilst the yellow ochre was still wet and then the colours merge in together.

I have used exactly the same process with exactly the same colours for the rocky area directly below the castle which then merges into the grass which was again yellow ochre firstly and with my no 8 round brush followed by hookers green and yellow ochre mixed.

Whilst all this is still wet just drop in a few spots of light red well watered  here and there and let it spread to warm up some of the areas.

Step 3

Here you will see that I have painted the coastline coming in a little closer. I have used a little bit of raw umber for the rocky areas to the right of the castle followed by again hookers green, this time mixed with burnt sienna for the grasses going down to the beach.

Notice I have got a few rocks on the beach area, this I did by painting in a little bit of raw umber mixed with cobalt blue directly underneath the green. Whilst it was still wet with the little corner of my credit card scrape out a few rocks.

I them move to shadowing this entire area and you can see very clearly where I have put the shadow especially in the castle, plus any detail in the castle This was all done with my No 8 round brush and a mixture of cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna.

Step 4

Now to the foreground , with my 3/4″ wash brush I firstly pre wet the entire area and then dropped in firstly Charles Evans Sand, followed by a little bit of yellow ochre followed by a little bit of light red and then a few hints of cobalt blue and just let the whole lot spread and merge together on the wet paper. 
Step 5

Once this had dried and still using my 3/4″ wash brush I painted in the grassy areas which were first yellow ochre followed by hookers green and yellow ochre and then stipple on a few hints of light red in amongst the grass.  Notice how I have left some of he under wash showing through here and there giving a bit of a sandy lead in to the painting.
Step 6

For the people in the distance t be honest you can use any colours you want for their clothing but just drop in a couple of drops of black for their heads and a couple of sticks underneath for their legs. For black of course I use a mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.

For the boats in the distance, 1 is painted ion just cobalt blue and the other is a couple of strips of alizarin crimson leaving a strip of the light under paper showing through. IO added a little bit of light red to the bottom of both boats. All of this was done using my No 8 round brush. For the mast and the buoys I have used my No 3 rigger brush and for the masts again I used my black mix, for the buoys yellow ochre with a little bit of light red.

Then finally a little bit of my shadow mix to anchor all of these details down to the ground.

Step 7

For the foreground boat, again its back to my No 8 round brush. For the top area and inside of the boat I used cobalt blue. Then once these areas had dried I added a tiny touch of burnt sienna into my cobalt blue for a few darker strokes on the inside of the boat. You can see the contract between the 2 blues giving more depth to the inside.  For the base of the boat, again just use light red. Now remember anything white in shadow should have a slight blue tint to it. So once all the other colours had dried I then went to my 3/4″ wash brush and did an extremely watery weak mix of cobalt blue and just stroked over the entire right hand sides white areas.
Step 8

In the foreground area with my 3/4″ wash brush, again I pre wet the areas, I dropped in some Charles Evasns Sand followed by some raw umber followed by a little bit of cobalt blue and finally a few drops of light red here and there, just let it all spread.  Then before it dried get out my credit card using the corner scrape out some rocks.
Step 9

Finally a nice dark shadow using the shadow mix cast underneath the boat and then with my No 3 rigger add the rope. Nowa little bit of hookers green and burnt sienna and with my 3/4″ wash brush just add a few flicks of grass here and there.

Personally I think this is a lovely view of Lindisfarne Castle and I have to admit that the boat wasn’t there, but I think you will agree it makes a lovely picture. Enjoy and don’t work too hard.