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Members Project 40

The Old Barn

Step 1

This is pretty little painting of a barn in Suffolk.

In the first image a very simple outline drawing and for the sky I used just one colour, Ultra marine blue. Using my 1.5″ flat wash brush, pre wet the entire sky area and stoke in the well watered ultra marine blue from to to bottom, getting weaker as it comes further down.

Now wash out my brush squeeze out and simply suck out a few clouds.

Now let this dry before moving to the next stage.
Step 2

I now change to my No 8 round brush and pre wet with clean water the whole of the building apart from the roof. Whilst all still good and wet, drop in a mixture of raw umber mixed with burnt sienna. Followed by a few tiny touches of hookers green mixed with ultra marine blue and just let the colours merge together, but notice I have kept the mix weaker to the right hand side of the building to start to indicate where the light is coming from.

Step 3

Still with raw umber and burnt sienna, but this time with the addition of ultra marine blue to strengthen it, and fill in the roofs, but this time notice I didn’t pre wet. Add a tiny touch more blue to this mix and with the tip of my No 8 round brush indicate a few bricks or stones. Don’t go mad with this, less is best.

I also put a stroke above each door to indicate the lintels.

Step 4
I now changed to my No 3 rigger, and with raw umber and ultra marine blue mixed nice and strong have a few broken lines here and there in the roof to give the effect of tiles.

Now with a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna to make black I filled in the doors. But notice I have left tiny touches of white paper here and there in the doors just to intimate a little bit of detail.

The wheel barrows leaning up against the wall, I used a little bit of hookers green. This was all done with my No 8 round brush.

Now I split the no 8 round brush and with a mixture of hookers green and burnt sienna simply stipple on the corner of the building to get that bit of growth coming out of the wall.

Once this was dry I popped on a few little blobs of alizarin crimson and the little lean to on the side of the building as painted again with raw umber.  The same mix a little stronger for a few strips in the roof of this.

I then turned my attention to the shadows on the buildings, this mixture was ultra marine blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna, I put a strong hard line underneath the roof as it joined the building. Notice the flower box is also casting a shadow onto the building.

A diagonal stroke of the shadow cast from the lower building onto the taller building. Likewise with the lean to. Then put a heck of a lot more water into the same mix and put a few weak strokes onto the darker side of the building.

Hey presto building done.

Step 5
For the distant trees on the right hand side and behind the building, I pre wet this area and dropped in very quickly my No 8 round brush a little bit of yellow ochre followed by hookers green mixed with yellow ochre and finally a touch of ultra marine blue. Merge these colours slightly with a few daubs of a clean brush.

For the hedge in front of these trees, it was hookers green mixed with burnt sienna and then a little bit of hookers green t the edge of the hedge. Notice I have lift a little bit of white paper in-between the two, this captures a little bit of light between the two.

Step 6

In this next image, none of this was pre wet.

Now for the bigger trees. I firstly did the more distant of this lot. I didn’t pre wet but I had plenty of water in the mixes. Yellow ochre first along the top, then hookers green mixed with yellow ochre, then plenty of ultra marine blue at the base and bringing it up slightly. I gave this a minute to dry slightly before using my finger nail to scrape out the impression of a few tree trunks.

Once this was entirely dry I then moved to the big strong tree,  All with my No 8 round brush, yellow ochre nice and strong at the top, followed by hookers green mixed with burnt sienna again nice and strong, then whilst all still good and wet ultra marine blue around where the building meets the tree and spread it upwards slightly into the tree.

All the same mixes for the more distant free behind the building but keeping it slightly weaker.

Step 7

Now to the more individual tree standing in front of the building, I used my rigger brush for the tree trunk with a nice wet mix of yellow ochre up the right hand side, then ultra marine blue mixed with burnt sienna up the left hand side. Let the colours run in to each other, which helps give a rounded-ness to the tree trunk.

Now I switched to my 3/4″ flat brush but split the brush and stipple on yellow ochre to the top and to the right hand side. The do the same with hookers green mixed with light red and then the same with ultra marine blue for the darker areas of the foliage.  I didn’t have too much water into these foliage mixes.

Underneath the barn and with a mixture of hookers green and lots of yellow ochre I used my 3/4″ flat brush to just fill in those bits of grass, but a little bit of this mix underneath the hedge behind the barn to the right.

Now the mixture for the path was firstly Charles Evans Sand, simply horizontal strokes side to side, keep the path flat. Then a few strokes of light red nice and weak, stroke on top of these here and there once the sand had dried.

Step 8
I used my 3/4″ flat wash brush for the big tree to the left again yellow ochre daubing on with the side of the brush followed by hookers green and light red again daubing on into the yellow ochre a little bit, then the darkest part of this tree was hookers green and burnt sienna mixed, in the same daubing on motion, then likewise with ultra marine blue here and there.

For the grasses underneath this, it was yellow ochre, following by hooker green mixed with yellow ochre.

When you have a big expanse of driveway or path such as this, it always helps to break it up a little bit. Invent a shadow from something out of shot. Such as the house that is casting a shadow on the path. A nice strong dark shadow in the foreground always helps a painting. For this mix again I used alizarin crimson, ultra marine blue and burnt sienna, notice I also cast a little bit of shadow from the barn across the track in the distance.

Then just a few daubs of this same colour across the patch here and there to give a bit of a stony effect.

And there we go a nice little picture of a barn in Suffolk, I do hope you enjoy having a go at this one.