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French Holiday Sep 19

In September, Charlie was in France at the Chateau de Quesmy. Contrary to the rather depressing weather forecasts, the weather was sunny and warm, perfect for painting outdoors. The group arrived on Sunday and the first day’s painting on Monday was in the grounds of the Chateau.
Plenty of scope there!
Tuesday saw them heading to a local canal and painting boats.
This is Charlie’s version.
There was, of course, the obligatory visit to a local hostelry!
On Wednesday, it was off to Pierrefond to paint another chateau or was it a castle?
On the last day of painting, the group  painted a church just outside the chateau grounds, But there was some sad news – Charlie’s trusty boots, which he has had for years, have died! The sole of one boot finally dropped off. RIP Boots. Charlie says “After 20 years, and making over 200 tv programs in them, my walking boots have finally given up!!!”
Anyway……… on with the church…………
………… and it’s finished!
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Search Press at the Mall Gallery

On Wednesday 28th August, Charlie was with other artists at the Mall gallery in London, demonstrating all day. It was a busy day, three demonstrations and lots of chat and book signings. The day was sunny, the Mall looked lovely and Buckingham Palace was surrounded by tourists, as ever. 


Each artist had a small area of the gallery and four different demonstrations were happening at once which was a bit confusing. Luckily Charlie has a loud voice. Here he is at work

And this is one of the day’s paintings.

We also caught site of the new book (yes, another!!) which is due out in October this year.

When it is out and available on the shop, we will post the good news!




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Home Workshop 2019

In August the only “home workshop” of the year is taking place. And it isn’t actually at home but in the Village Hall down the road! Of course, after all the lovely, if rather hot, weather we have been having, there is a lot of rain about this week. Not ideal for plein air painting. Never mind, the painters cracked on.

On day one they completed two paintings indoors.


and a pastoral scene.

But on Tuesday, the painters were able to go to the local boatyard in Amble and sketch.

When rain stopped play, they came back to the studio to paint.

This was the painting Charlie did.

Now it’s Thursday and the sun is shining so it’s off to the local farm where the cows make milk for ice-creams. It’s also harvest time so plenty of activity to observe.

There is a lot of authentic mud but our painters are a hardy bunch….

and they got into place.

This was a good start!   

And here is Charlie’s finished painting.

Final day of the course tomorrow and rain is forecast so it will probably be another indoor session.

And, yes, it was very much indoors all day. The rain was lashing down but we were nice and cosy in the Village Hall.

And the painting for today was a local view of Newton by the sea.

All finished now until next year.

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Some of you may have seen Acrylic Paint Pouring on YouTube. if you haven’t, take a look. It’s fascinating and the opposite of watching paint dry! Start off here if you are interested.

This year at Patchings, Daler Rowney were showing us a new, original, product which is a pouring medium for acrylic inks. Because inks are almost pure pigment, the colours are more intense and vibrant than acrylic paints.

Here is one of the Daler Rowney bosses, showing his creations!

The work space at the back was getting more and more messy!

And here are some more examples of what can be produced.


It’s simple in some ways but can become a lot more complex and interesting as you get more proficient and push the boundaries. And it is a bit messy, so lots of protective plastic! Or better still, a dedicated “play space”!

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Charlie has recently returned from Bridlington art festival at the Spa, “Art Waves”.

On Friday, he was teaching 35 GCSE students how to paint in  watercolour. Quite a daunting task but the students (and their teachers) seemed to enjoy the morning immensely so maybe he has drawn a few more into the ranks of watercolour artists. We can’t show you the students, of course, but this is the view from the “art room”, looking out over the bay. Not a bad classroom!

On the Saturday, we had the sales stall set up and Charlie also taught an (adult) workshop.

And on Sunday it was a demonstration on the stage in the main hall, as well as judging the open art competition. Busy, busy!

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Postcard pics

These are postcard sized paintings on watercolour paper from Charlie’s  book “Boats and Harbours, Ready to paint in 30 Minutes”.  All these pictures are £15 including postage.

Click on a picture to see it full-size.

You can pay by card,  Paypal (to, BACS (details on request) or cheque (to Charles Evans Art). Not available on the shop, please ring the office on 01670 760 030).

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France June 19

Charlie has just been to Chateau Quesmy with a painting group. He was relieved to find that, in spite of poor weather forecasts, they were able to paint outdoors most days.

As usual the hotel was superb, here is the view of one of the rooms.

Note Charlie’s feet!

This is a selection of Charlie’s paintings ……..

Of course, there was a visit to the local hostelry.

As usual, the traffic back in the UK was horrendous!

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Painting Down South!

These last two weeks have been rather busy with Charlie teaching “down South”. First of all he was in Lewes at the Chapter House Art Group.

and they painted this lovely picture in acrylics, a new medium for some painters.

And then he was in Horam with the W.I. for two days. As there were some people only on one day and others for the two days, Charlie painted two views of a local Arts and Crafts house beloved of the Bloomsbury group – Charleston.

      Front and back views.

Then it was off to Goudhurst. The hotel, as usual, did us proud and the weather was fantastic. Some of the painters had been before and it was the first time for others including Sam Rose and his wife Jill who came all the way from Newfoundland in Canada. Those of you who follow Charlie on Twitter will have seen paintings by Sam. He is an Archdeacon at home but was renamed the Jolly Vicar by the group!

The group was able to paint outside every day and we all got a tan. One day we were accompanied by the local wildlife who were very determined to eat something.

Here are some pictures of the painting group….

And some paintings …

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New Books Due Out 2019

Of the two books due out this year, the first is Ready to Paint in 30 minutes, Boats and Harbours featuring 33 paintings and tracings of Charlie’s drawings included in the back. This will be out in July 19 and will be available from the e-shop.


A selection of the paintings in the book.


The process, Charlie painting and dictating the words. Who says he can’t multitask?

Of course, there has to be a dog picture!


The second book due out in October 19 is Paint Pad Artist, Coastal Landscapes. This book has actual Daler Rowney watercolour paper already printed with Charlie’s drawings supplied at the back. The printing cleverly looks as if you have drawn the image yourself in pencil. It’s up to you whether you admit this or not when everyone admires your finished picture!

Some pictures from the book.

And again, the process.

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April French Holiday

Charlie has been in France with a painting group at Chateau Quesmy in Picardy. This is a converted barn in the grounds, by the moat.

The weather was a bit changeable but they managed to get out and about and did some lovely paintings.

This gazebo just inside the chateau ….

And a trip out to Pierrefond yielded this painting

      from this view

Of course, there were a few visits to the local cafe afterwards. A little aperitif before dinner!

  A good time was had by all.