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Free Projects

Now lets have a dramatic picture. As you can see, its a very simply outline drawing underneath this sky, the most important thing about the drawing is that the path gets a lot narrower as it goes further into the distance. 

For my sky ash I firstly pre wet the 140lb weight paper using my 1.5″ wash brush. Put a little bit of yellow ochre in the bottom followed by a little bit of burnt sienna in the middle bit above this, immediately followed by a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna, stating nice and heavy at the top, getting weaker as it comes down.

Let all these colours run together before sucking out the clouds with a damp 1.5″ wash brush.



Obviously I cant carry on with my distance hills because my sky is still too wet. So I come further forward and with my 3/4″ wash brush I pre stained the path followed by either side of the path, all with yellow ochre.