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Members Area

The Members Area is where you can see many new stage by stage paintings in both watercolour and acrylic. A new painting is added every couple of months. And this year we are also adding video projects. The first one is available now.

Click on this link to see a short trailer.  Video

These projects are not on the other projects page and are only accessible by joining the Members Area for an annual fee of £40. When you join, you will receive a free tube of Charlie’s Sand watercolour paint.  You need have an account to access the shop to buy membership (and then these account details will allow you to access to the Members Area). If you need to register for an account, go to the registration link at the bottom of this page.

  You can purchase a members subscription here

If you are not already logged in you can login here

Update May 2020

We have been very busy behind the scenes moving all the older content from our very old website over to our new site. In the process we have simplified the login for the members areas. The members area is now linked to your shop account so if you have paid for a yearly membership you will see a new option “Members Projects” in the main menu under Members Area, when you log in to your shop account with your email and password. Forget your previous members login details. They will no longer work. 

If you purchased your membership prior to July 2019 OR purchased it as a guest you will need to register for an account. Once you have done this we can apply the relevant permission to the members areas. 

Use the following registration page to get registered. Use your email address and choose your own user name. When you are registered, send an email to so that the new Members Area can be linked to your account.