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Members Area

The Members Area is where you can see many  stage by stage paintings in both watercolour and acrylic. A new painting is added every couple of months. And this year we are showing the projects as full length videos, showing every brush stroke!

Click on this link to see a short trailer of the first video..  Video

There are now 6 videos and over 40 step by step projects.

This is a watercolour of our friend Rob’s house, painted from a photograph.

These projects are not on the other projects page and are only accessible by joining the Members Area for an annual fee of £40. When you join, you will receive a pack of 5 greeting cards featuring paintings by Charlie.  You need have an account to access the shop to buy membership (and then these account details will allow you to access to the Members Area). If you need to register for an account, go to the registration link at the bottom of this page.

  You can purchase a members subscription here

If you are not already logged in or you need to register you can go to this link,