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Project 18 – Miniature Moorland 1

Now lets do a little moorland scene, this time we will paint in a little cottage and a dry stone wall.  

Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint

Hooker’s Green
Yellow Ochre
Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna
Charles Evans Sand
Light Red
Raw Umber
Cobalt Blue

3/4″ Wash brush
No.8 Round
No.3 Rigger

Step 1 :

The painting was build up in exactly the same way as the last miniature starting off with the skywash.



Step 2 :
Now with my no 8 round brush I painted the cottage on the dark side firstly with raw umber strong, then a hell of a lot more water into the same colour for the lighter side of the cottage. 

The dry stone wall was painting again with the raw umber strong and the roof was painting with a mixture if ultra marine blue and burnt sienna.



Step 3 :

The distant hills are simply a very weak ultra marine blue, the near hills are yellow ochre and hookers green mixed, keep it well watered down.

Step 4 :

For the detail in the building such as windows and chimneys I used a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna to make a black.  I used the top of my no 8 round brush also in the same way I put the detail on the dry stone wall. 

The path was done with a quick swath of yellow ochre


Step 5 :

For the rough grasses mixes of burnt sienna and yellow ochre then yellow ochre and raw umber.

Step 6 :
Finally some hookers green mixed with burnt sienna for the darker grasses in the foreground.