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Project 2 – Northumberland Farm

Step 1

A slightly more detailed outlined drawing this time. This is a friends farm so I know it well, but it is still just an outline.
Step 2

For the sky wash I pre wet pre wet the paper, 140lb weight, and then with plenty of cobalt blue let it run and then with my 1.5″ wash brush, simply suck out the clouds moving the paint around to create a little bit of shadow at the base of the clouds.
Step 3

The farm buildings were filled in with a mixture of raw umber, darker on one side than the other and using my No 8 round brush. For that bit of roof, using the same brush and a mixture of cobalt blue and light red.
Step 4

For the next building its the same colours but keep the colours slightly weaker, just keep in your mind that you want these to sit further back.
Step 5

For the windows I used ultra cobalt blue and burnt sienna, and keep this mixture fairly strong and using my No 8 round brush, remembering to leave a little bit of white paper showing through in between the individual panes of glass.
Step 6

In this image you will see that I have filled in the nearest building. I have again used raw umber for the walls of the building, but the roof was painted with burnt sienna and the tiniest touch of raw umber mixed in. Again its with my No 8 round brush.

To the trees, I used my rigger brush and raw umber mixed with cobalt blue for the few boughs you can see. Now with my 3/4″ wash brush, firstly yellow ochre to the lighter parts of the foliage, then a mixture of hookers green and burnt sienna for the greens. Simply tap on with the side of the brush. All of the colours were put on whilst the previous colour was still wet. 

Finally drop in a little bit of cobalt blue to give more depth to the foliage. 
Step 7

For the wall and the gate its back to my No 8 round brush. And again raw umber, slightly darker than in the main building because its slightly nearer. The colour for the gate was raw umber with a touch of burnt sienna.
Step 8

Now for the all important shadow and for this I used a mixture of cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna. I used my No 8 round brush paying special attention to the windows and overhangs where the roof meets the building.

Notice I have put a little bit of shadow to the left hand side of the wall fading it into the wall.
Step 9

To finish the painting off, what is normally quite a scary thing, a big field. I didn’t pre wet the paper but I did use very wet mixes of paint. Starting off with yellow ochre followed by hookers green and yellow ochre, drop one in on top of the other whilst they are all still wet. Once it had dried slightly a few flicks of grass here and there with a mixture of hookers green and burnt sienna. All of this was done with my 3/4″ wash brush, and hey presto, Shieldykes Farm, Northumberland.