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Project 5 – Lavenham Stately Home

Step 1

As you will see this is a slightly different project because it is all done out on location. Firstly as you will see there is the outline drawing with the skywash and it’s a very simple cobalt bule sky sucking out a few clouds with my big brush, and drop in a little bit of cobalt blue and light red for the shadow.

Step 2

Once the skywash was totally dry I simply blocked the building using my No 8 round brush and being careful to go around all those fancy windows. Not painting any stone work at the time simply blocking in with a mixture of raw umber with a touch of burnt sienna.

Step 3

In the next stage again using raw umber and burnt sienna again but slightly darker, and still using my no 8 round brush, I gave the impression of a few bits of brick work here and there, at this time I also did the windows using the same brush with a mixture of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna, fairly dark. There are a lot of windows here so take your time and get them right. Don’t paint the frame work of the windows, simply paint the window panes. At the same time you will see that I have filled in some of the background trees at the side of the house, still with the same brush, firstly using well watered yellow ochre followed by hookers green and burnt sienna and them a touch of cobalt blue.

Still with the stone work you will see that I have also done the fancy bits of stone. For this I used Charles Evans Sand and for the top of the roof, Raw umber, burnt sienna and a tiny touch of cobalt blue.

Step 4

For the hedge again its starting off with yellow ochre but good and strong, treat the hedge a bit more like a building than a tree. Make it more square. Put the yellow ochre in the top bits then hookers green and yellow ochre mixed then a few bits of blue in the base here and there all whilst its still wet.

All of the trees were done using the traditional method which I use which is yellow ochre, hookers green and burnt sienna then a bit of cobalt blue.








Step 5

For the foreground areas I firstly put in the drive way which was cobalt blue mixed with light red, brush this in very quickly don’t fiddle with it and let it dry before doing the grasses either side. For this I used my ¾” wash brush, put in a very watery wash of yellow ochre, followed by a very watery wash of yellow ochre and hookers green mixed.

Step 6

For the final stage I put shadow here and there and it’s the same shadow mix in the grasses and in the building. Cobalt blue alizarin crimson with a touch of burnt sienna.