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Project 7 – People

Step 1

People in the landscape can be a very daunting thought to most amateur painters. But they are just what I said, people in a landscape, there to add a little bit of life into a painting. This is not some massive great feat of life drawing so keep it simple. So the best way by far is to have your figures walking away from you middle distance in the landscape. The easier way I tell people is to do Y P full stop. What I say is your people which is of course Y P.  

Step 2

Simply rearrange into the following format and it’s a very simple person. Next just colour it in with the colour of the clothing that you want. 

There are normally 2 ways that people go wrong when putting people in the landscape, no matter which format you are using, they either make the heads to big or the legs too short. So basically always make the head slightly smaller and always make the legs a little longer than you would first think.


Step 3

It has to be said that doing people walking towards you and slightly bigger in the landscape is normally harder. But again don’t think about the body, paint the clothing. For a flesh tone I always the Charles Evans sand with a tiny touch of light red into it.  All I need for this is 3 blobs, one for the head and two small ones for the hands.  The rest is just clothing.

Step 4

Now you could very easily make that single figure into a whole crowd of figures walking down the street. Don’t forget painting is about fooling the eye, if you have 1 figure with a loads of blobs behind it that one figure will tell the eye that the rest are all figures. If you look at the rest of the figures behind the main one, they literally are just a few blobs here and there. Then hey presto you have an entire crowd.