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Project 7- Wallington Hall – Watercolour
Step 1

This is lovely watercolour painting of Wallington Hall in Northumberland. As you can see its quite an intricate line drawing and I have pressed on hard with the pencil than you need to so you can still see it.
Step 2

For the sky wash , I used my 1.5″ flat watercolour brush, pre wet the paper first, loads of water and then dropped in fairly strong cobalt blue weakening it as it comes further down. Then wash out my big brush, squeeze out and suck out some clouds. Finally, drop a tiny touch of light red into the cobalt blue and put a few clouds shadows in.

Step 3

Once the sky was good and dry I switched to my No 8 round brush and firstly dropped in some well watered yellow ochre into the tops of the distant trees. Followed by hookers green and burnt sienna mixed, put this in whilst the yellow ochre is still wet and watch the colours mingle together. Finally again, whilst its still wet, a few touches cobalt blue here and there.
Step 4

Still using my No 8 round brush, with a mixture of cobalt blue and light red, simply fill in the roof. Be careful to avoid the rood lights and chinmneys. Notice that on the lighter side I have put more water into the mix to keep it lighter.

Step 5

For the stone work of the building I use my no 8 round brush and firstly pre wet the whole of the building. Working fairly quickly drop into this well watered yellow ochre followed by well watered raw umber, followed by a few touches of light red again well watered. Finally a couple of touches of cobalt blue well watered. Let all of these colours mingle together. If you cant work as quickly as me do one building at a time rather than the whole lot.

Even though the outer wall is darker and stronger its still the same technique just keep the colours stronger.

Step 6

For the next stage, stil with my no 8 round brush,. I painted the front door the building using the same colours but stronger. Then with the same brush a mixture of raw umber with a touch of cobalt blue and do a few strokes for stonework.  Remember you are not building this, you are painting it. Don’t do hundreds of individual stones, its just a few strokes here and there.