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Home Workshop 2019

In August the only “home workshop” of the year is taking place. And it isn’t actually at home but in the Village Hall down the road! Of course, after all the lovely, if rather hot, weather we have been having, there is a lot of rain about this week. Not ideal for plein air painting. Never mind, the painters cracked on.

On day one they completed two paintings indoors.


and a pastoral scene.

But on Tuesday, the painters were able to go to the local boatyard in Amble and sketch.

When rain stopped play, they came back to the studio to paint.

This was the painting Charlie did.

Now it’s Thursday and the sun is shining so it’s off to the local farm where the cows make milk for ice-creams. It’s also harvest time so plenty of activity to observe.

There is a lot of authentic mud but our painters are a hardy bunch….

and they got into place.

This was a good start!   

And here is Charlie’s finished painting.

Final day of the course tomorrow and rain is forecast so it will probably be another indoor session.

And, yes, it was very much indoors all day. The rain was lashing down but we were nice and cosy in the Village Hall.

And the painting for today was a local view of Newton by the sea.

All finished now until next year.